The burial of Sheikh Kabul Akhbor Vali

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Каганский район
Республика Узбекистан, Бухарская область
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The burial of Sheikh Khodja Kabul Akhbor Vali, a saint who receives and transmits information considered as a descendant of Atlantis (people of high stature), is located in the Kagan district of the Bukhara region. The total length of the Sheikh’s gravestone is 14 meters, its width is 2.20 meters, and the grave of the Murid is located next to him, a man who devoted himself to Islam and mastered the teachings of Sufism, who elects himself a teacher, undertaking to obey him in everything.

According to the idea-hypothesis, in the territory of Uzbekistan once sat the Atlanteans, who possessed the art of controlling the energy of thought, one of which was Shaykh Khoja. In the book «Manokibi Khoja Kabul Ahbor Vali» it is said that in the people he was called Abu Ishok, he was a native of the ancient genus Aude, had 2 wives and 8 children. Sheikh Hoxha was very tall — about 13 meters, and he lived more than 4000 years! It is believed that the worship of his grave is tantamount to seven hajjs to Mecca. The most interesting thing is that Sheikh Khoja served at once 4 prophets — David, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. In doing so, he studied the sacred books of three religions: Judaism — the Talmud, Christianity — the Old Testament and the Bible, Islam — the Koran.  At the meeting with David Sheikh, Khoja was awarded a unique gift — to transmit information about these sacred books from generation to generation. For this he was nicknamed «the man of all religions». When the Arab wars with the infidels began on the territory of the ancient Maverananra, he stood at the head of the army. And during one of the next clashes in 652, the great Khoja Kabul tragically died.

It is worth noting that the ancient family of Sheikh Hoxha-Od is very often mentioned in the surahs of the Koran. Representatives of this kind were very tall, superhuman qualities and, it is possible that they possessed the energy of thought, which enabled them to consider themselves demigods, they even could not recognize God! However, this played with them in a cruel joke, eventually all representatives of this genus were destroyed, and the oldest genus Aude ceased to exist.

So, to test this idea-hypothesis and explore the burial of the great Sheikh Khodja Kabul Akhbor Vali, on August 16, 2003 a scientific expedition led by MK Sharipov was organized.

In the burial study, geodesic specialists used a special device called 81K-2 (georadar), which allows the method of electromagnetic examination to study earth ground for the presence of foreign objects up to 60 meters. According to the results of the research, the following data were established: in the grave there are really huge bones that once formed a single whole. Some of the bone fragments located there had a length of 2.5 to 6 m. However, the structure of the object was destroyed.  According to local residents, it was determined that in 1982 Ukrainian archaeologists partially opened the burial of Sheikh Khoja. Eyewitnesses say that they saw archaeologists getting out of burial a rib bone, the length of which was 70-80 cm, a jug and 4 old books. To date, the fate of these items is unknown. However, the results of the 2003 expedition gave good reasons to believe that Sheikh Khodja Kabul Ahbor Vali is still a descendant of the great Atlanteans …

Nearest historical monuments: Citadel Arc

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