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Карманинский район, Навоийская область
Республика Узбекистан
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The ancient settlement of Burkuttep is a very ancient historical monument located in the eastern part of the city Pockets of the Navoi region. The exact date of the fortification was not established. So far, in 2000-2002, the Karmanin Detachment of the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan did not arrive here to conduct archaeological excavations to establish the exact age of the city of Karman, and also to verify the assumption that here, in Burkuttepe, there was a so-called ancient nucleus that later turned into a the urban point of the Bukhara oasis on one of the branches of the Great Silk Road, and which retained its significance almost to the late Middle Ages. To date, there are almost no ancient archaeological monuments that would have testified to the date of their foundation. The main reason for this was the complicated historical fate of the Parma — all the citadels and other historical monuments disappeared as a result of the city’s unexpectedly intractable circumstances. Fortunately, to our days still survived miraculously survived the ruins of Burkuttepe — the preserved old parts of the city, the study of which helped to establish the date of its foundation. During the excavations, the following archaeological materials were found here: fragments of boilers, bowls, hums, pans (roasters), pots, jugs, as well as other utensils. It was found that such dishes were used by people around the 4th-3rd centuries. BC. Among the findings found particularly highlight one whole hum of the I century. BC, whose height is 90 cm, the diameter of the bottom is 30 cm, the diameter of the body is 75 cm, the diameter of the neck is 60 cm. Based on this, archaeologists have established the approximate age of Burkuttepe — the ancient settlement was built in the IV-III cc. BC. So, as a result of carrying out archaeological research in the ancient settlement of Burkuttep, it was confirmed that Karmana is one of the most ancient Sogdian city points. It is for certain known that the settlers settled here were the founders of the settlement, later named the first «Karmanins». So, in the IV-III centuries. BC, and, perhaps, before, the settlers began to erect on their lands their primitive dwellings — semi-dugouts. It should be noted that the lower layers of the earth, that is, the base of the settlement Pockets of time correspond to the emergence of similar settlements in such ancient places as Paikend, Bukhara, Ramish and Varakhshi. Well, the upper layers, i.e. later traces of the settlement are similar to the largest urban centers of Central and Southern Sogd.

Nearest historical monuments: Mausoleum of Kassym Sheikh

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