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Rabat-Malik is a historical complex of the Karakhanid era, which is 10 km away. from the city of Navoi. This structure is located along the road to Bukhara, which now runs along the ancient caravan route.

Caravanserai Rabati Malik («The King’s Discount») was erected in the seventies of the 11th century. Karakhanid Shams al-Mulk Nasr ibn Ibrahim (1068-1080 gg.), And reconstructed in the first quarter of the 12th century. also by Karahanid Arslan Khan Muhammad ibn Sulaiman (1102-1130).

There is an assumption that this building was originally a summer government residence. This is evidenced by excavations, during which many buildings designed for the life of the palace nobility of that time were discovered, besides the majestic walls and columns were built at that time only in the khan’s palaces and residences. Already at a later time, this structure was reconstructed and turned into a Caravan Saray.

At present, only the central portal and walls remain from the majestic structure.

During the excavations that were carried out in the mid-20th century, it was possible to identify the complex layout of this unique building. It occupied a space of 100×100 m, surrounded by powerful walls and divided into two halves. On the territory of Rabat-Malik, the ruins of a mosque, galleries with a dome, baths, living quarters, parking for horses and camels were discovered. Also, ceramics, various metal products, expensive ceramic dishes, jewelry, boilers, a lot of coins and other artifacts were discovered. Particular attention should be paid to the decor and construction technique. In many places it is different and different styles and methods of creation. At different times, ceramics, easter, clay, and wood were used in the construction.

Until now, scientists can not accurately determine the purpose of this building. But the fact remains that recently Rabat-i malik was used as a caravan shed (a place of parking and rest for merchants and merchants). A special contribution to the study of this building was made by NB Nemtseva, who conducted the excavations of Rabat-Malik. It was she who made the assumption of the primary use of this structure as a country palace.

Near the caravan barn Sardoba (a water storage tank) was built, which was a source of fresh water for all travelers and merchants of those times.

Nearest historical monuments: Sardoba Malik, Kosym Shaykh;

Nearest cities: Navoi;

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