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Навоийская область, Карманинский район
Республика Узбекистан
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Khodja Khusraw’s mausoleum was built in the 14th century. The mausoleum is the tomb of Sheikh Khoja Khusrava. He was like-minded Mavlono Orif Deggaroniy and Hodji Bakhouddin Naqshbandi.

About this historical personality there is very little information. It is known that he was born in a village, which is somewhere near Samarkand. When he moved from Samarkand to Bukhara, he got to Carmine and lived the rest of his life in this city.

Khodja Khusrava was considered an intelligent and resourceful person. He was a famous scientist and one of the propagandists of the Naqshbandiya tariqa. The main purpose of his teaching was the restoration of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. He was also credited with supernatural abilities, there is a legend that he could control natural phenomena.

Some historical information and traditions about the life, activity and supernatural miraculous power of Khoja Khusrava are given in the book «Bahauddin balkhardon» by Abul Musin Muhammad Bokir ibn Muhammad Ali.

Khoja Khusraw was buried in 400-500 meters from the mausoleum of Kassym Sheikh. The inhabitants of the city greatly esteemed and respected this man and in his memory built a mosque. This mosque could accommodate more than 1000 people. A cemetery near the mosque was called the cemetery of Khoja Khusrava. During the Soviet era, the mosque was destroyed. Miraculously survived the mausoleum.

During the years of independence the mausoleum was restored and is now a well-maintained memorial complex.

Nearest historical monuments: Mausoleum of Kassym Sheikh, Mausoleum of the World Said Bakhrom.

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