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поселок Кармана
Республика Узбекистан, Навоийская область
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Mausoleum of Kassym Sheikh is a historical complex, which is located in the city of Navoi (the old town, the village of Karmana). This historical complex includes a mosque, a monastery for pilgrims (hanaku) and two Khazirs (tomb under the open sky). The date for the beginning of construction is considered to be 1571. According to the surviving historical chronicles of Kassym-sheikh Azizan Carmagna (1500 / 1578-79 gg.), He was a popular religious and political figure in Central Asia, head of the Sufi order of Yassavia.

Kasym Sheikh became famous for his peacekeeping activities during the internecine struggle for power in Maveranahr. He helped the future ruler Abdullah Khan II (1557-1598, the khan of all Uzbeks since 1583), in the fight against the combined forces of Samarkand, Tashkent and Turkestan. Kasym sheikh participated in military operations to defend the fortress, hid the royal family and their servants in the depths of the fortress.

In 1579 Kasim Shaykh died for unknown reasons and was buried in the center of the Khazira. Above his grave was installed a large dachma (tombstone) made of marble. Many scholars claim that the first building on the territory of the mausoleum was built by Kassym Sheikh himself and until his death served as a madrasah. There is some evidence that this building served as a mosque (namazgoh). It held mass prayers for Ramadan-hait and Qurban-Hayit.

A year later, the burial place of Kasim Sheikh was visited by Abdullah Khan II, he held a wake and started the construction of the Khanako (pilgrimage site) next to the Khazira. Later, near the burial of Kasim Sheikh, his followers were buried.

By the end of the 16th century a mosque was built. When building the mosque, burnt bricks were used. The building itself has the shape of a square with a large dome. Three of the four sides of the mosque are façade, with vaulted portals typical of the Islamic architecture of the Middle Ages.

In 1910 the last ruler of Bukhara emir Abd al-Ahad (born in 1885) died. He was also buried near the mausoleum of Kasim Sheikh. First, the emir was buried in a brick sagan to the west of the Khazir Kasim-sheikh. After a while, a marble tombstone (dahma) was installed. Construction work was conducted throughout the year. During this time the yard of the ensemble was enlarged.

In addition, on the main facade of the Khazir Abd al-Ahad, a niche of mihrabs and entrances to the hudjras were built. To the south of the mosque was built a stone courtyard, which can accommodate up to 2000 people.

Currently, the historical and architectural ensemble of Kasm Sheikh also includes a museum collection of 2000 artifacts, a room for ritual dinners (ehshonehana), a room for the imam of the mosque and a small orchard.

The central facade of the mosque has a high portal with a lot of decorative arches and inscriptions in Arabic. The dome of the mosque is mounted on a drum and has a majolica lining of turquoise color. Inside the mosque are all the walls, columns and portals of white with carved plaster ornament.

Nearest historical monuments: Mausoleum Mir Said Bakhrom, Sardoba Malik, caravan shed Rabat-i Malik

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