Mausoleum of Mir Said Bakhrom

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поселок Кармана
Навоийская область, Республика Узбекистан
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Mausoleum Mir Said Bakhroma is located in the center of the city of Karmana next to the mausoleum of Qasim Sheikh. This historical complex includes a mausoleum and a small mosque. The mausoleum was built around 1200. The last restoration of the mausoleum was held in 1976.

According to historians, little is known about the personality of Mir Said Bakhrom. There are exact facts that he was a representative of the Samanid dynasty. In 874, an uprising began in Bukhara, which spread to the whole of Maveranar and, of course, reached the Pockets.

In the work of Abu Tahirkhu Samarkandi «Samaria» some information about Mir Said Bakhrom is given. He enjoyed in the people deserved respect and influence due to his knowledge, intelligence and ability to work miracles.

Mausoleum Mir Said Bakhrom is a unique building. This mausoleum is the smallest mausoleum in Uzbekistan. Its terracotta patterns, inserts of carved bricks, geometric ornament (girih) are considered amazing. Many find similarity of this mausoleum with the famous mausoleum of the Samanids, which is located in the city of Bukhara.

The building of the mausoleum is square with a small dome. The entrance portal has a beautiful arch, which is enclosed in a rectangular frame, on which an inscription with a Kufic type of letter is engraved. The whole building has a beautiful geometric facade and a burnt brick outfit.
Inside the building there is a marble tombstone, which is covered with gold embroidery material. The walls in the building are made in the form of an octagon with arches, on which a small dome holds. On the arches preserved beautiful patterned terracotta inserts with a smooth ornamentation of wood.

The mausoleum itself closely adjoins the mosque. Around the mosque there is a long veranda with wooden columns with carved patterns. This part of the structure is a modern building. The yard itself and the veranda floor are laid out in red brick.

Mausoleum of Mir Said Bakhrom is a monument of Republican significance. Now around the monument there is a garden where the citizens of Parma hold celebrations connected with Navruz, Independence Day and the harvest festival.

This architectural complex was erected by masters and architects of the time and has a great historical and spiritual value for us.

Nearest historical monuments: Mausoleum of Kassym Sheikh.

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