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«Sardoba» (with forsy means to translate as «sard» — cold, «about» — drinking water) is a tank for storing drinking water. Sardoba Malik was built in the 11th century, 30 meters from Rabat Malik’s caravan. This Sardoba was the only source of drinking water all the way from Bukhara to Samarkand. It supplied merchants and water merchants who stayed in the caravan shed Rabati Malik. This structure is a dome about 13 meters in diameter that rises above the ground. In fact, the main part of the structure is underground at a depth of 12 meters, a tank for storing water (cistern). The reservoir itself is of spherical shape and has a wall thickness of about 1.5 meters. In addition, there are three small windows at the bottom of the dome and the entrance with a descent to the source of drinking water. In ancient times, water in Sardoba came through an underground canal from the Zarafshan River.

All the walls of the reservoir were made of bricks, clay for which was extracted near the banks of the Amurdarya River. This clay was famous for its qualities throughout Central Asia. The construction of this facility took about 500 thousand high-quality bricks. A solution of bonding bricks among themselves was prepared from clay with the addition of camel wool and sheep’s milk. Also, during the construction, charcoal of burnt saxaul was used, which served as a natural filter for water and skins of cattle.

There is a very interesting legend about the appearance of Sardoba Malik in this place. One day on a hot July day, one of the Karakhanid khans with his retinue stopped for a night’s lodging near the town of Kermine. After a difficult transition through the desolate desert, the khan went to bed, and his servants began to guard the royal dream. On the trunk, which stood near the pillow khan put a silver vessel with water and a saber. Suddenly a fly flew into the khan’s tent and sat on a silver vessel, and then flew to the knife and woke the Khan. Awakened, the Khan said that he had a very interesting dream that he had found a lot of gold under the ground in the place where he was sleeping. One of the closest servants listened to the words of the khan, because such dreams are prophetic, thought the servant. The next day, the Khan and his retinue moved to the town of Kermina, but the clever servant remembered about the prophetic dream and pretended to be sick, to check whether the treasure was hidden in this place. Khan trusted his servant and therefore left the sick man with food and water supplies. After the Khan and his retinue left the night, the servant began to dig. So he dug exactly seven days and nights, until he unearthed the treasure chest. After that, the servant built a storehouse of water — Sardoba in the place where he found a treasure trove.

And this is just an interesting legend. According to historians, Sardoba was erected exclusively for the needs of the caravan shed. The caravanserai and Sardoba-Malik operated until the 19th century. It is known that Amir Temur, Khans of the ruling dynasties of Bukhara Khanate, embassies, trade caravans and travelers stayed in it. At the end of the 19th century, near the caravan-shed, the «Rabat» kishlak was formed, which lasted only a short time.

The nearest historical monuments: the Rabat-i Malik caravan, Mosque Kosm-Sheikh;

Nearest cities: Navoi;

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