Siliceous Mines of Uchtut

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Навбахорский район, Навоийская область
Республика Узбекистан
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Silica Mines of Uchtut are located 20 kilometers north of the city of Navoi. Silk Mines of Uchtut are evidence that the man began to develop the territory of Navoi region from the Paleolithic epoch. On the territory of the flint mines, many small tools of the Paleolithic era were found.

Silica Mines of Uchtut are the most ancient monument of human life, which is located in the mountains of Karatau Navbokhor district of Navoi region. According to archaeologists 200-100 thousand years ago Neanderthal man (paleanthrope) mined silicon in this area. It is precisely known that until the end of the Iron Age, ancient people mined silicon in the southern part of the Karatau mountains in the Uchtuta deposit.

This deposit was called Uchtut due to a small village, which is located just below the silicon field.

Initially, for the extraction of silicon, people used a large river pebble, which was used as a bump. Silicon, obtained in this way was of poor quality, was dry, quickly cracked and most of the silicon was broken during extraction. Already from the late Paleolithic era, primitive people began to dig the right part of the breed with wooden sticks, and then with wet hoes they received moist silicon. The hoes were made from hardwood trees and Bukhara deer horns.

Already in the Neolithic age, an ancient man begins digging mines for the extraction of silicon. The mines had several branches and branched in different directions, often with the mines being connected to each other by corridors.

In the territory of the Uchtut deposit there are a lot of stone tools, which are similar to the tools of the Kaltaminar culture (the Neolithic culture of hunters and fishermen which was common in the 7-4 millennium BC)

To date, scientists have studied 48 ancient mines in the Uchtuta deposit. In all the mines, about 8,000 holes were found from the removed silicon (silicon nodule). The average weight of the nodules that the primitive people extracted was 35-45 kilograms.


Thus, the deposit of Uchtuta with its mines was a unique primitive industrial center of analogs, which was not found in all of Central Asia.

Nearest historical monuments: Gorge «Sarmysh» and the sacred spring «Chashma».

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