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Элликкалинский район
Автономная Республика Карапалпакстан
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The settlement of Toprak-Kala is located in the Republic of Karakalpakstan in the territory of Ellikkalinsky district. This historical monument was opened in 1938 by the expedition of SPTolstov. According to archaeological data, the city was erected in the 1st century AD. Approximately in the 3rd century, Toprak-kala became the capital of the state of Khorezmshah.

During excavations it was established that the defensive walls of the city had a rectangular shape. In the northern part of the city there was a palace. The palace of the ruler consisted of three round towers and living quarters. The height of the highest tower was 30 meters and had 3 floors. In the center of the city was a temple of fire, from which a central road ran in two directions, dividing the city into two parts. From the road there were small alleys that led to small residential quarters. All buildings were made of clay.

Until 305, Toprak-kala was the capital of the state of Khorezmshah. After the fall of the state of Khorezmshah, the city gradually began to leave the local nobility and common people, which led to the devastation of the city.

During excavations by archeologists from the expedition of SPTolstov, many coins, various ornaments of gold, silver and copper were discovered; ceramic products and dishes ;, woolen and silk fabrics. In addition, archaeologists have discovered a workshop for the production of famous Khorezm bows.

It should be noted that Toprak-Kala is known not only for finds and amazing structures. On the territory of the site there were also found fragments of ancient Khorezmian writing. So in one of the towers of the palace, scientists discovered documents in the ancient Khorezmian language written in black ink on the skin and on wooden plaques.


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